Do you serve my area? 
To keep customers manageable and to ensure the highest quality service we are currently servicing accounts in the following cities and towns:

Malden, Medford, Everett, Stoneham, Reading, North Reading, Wakefield, Saugus, Lynnfield, Melrose, Woburn, Wilmington and Winchester.

We do extend our area for commercial clients. Please contact us directly for commercial accounts.

How long does it take to get my laundry back?

“Typically” wash, dry & fold service turnaround is next day, an attended or unattended pickup/delivery time is the key factor.

Should I tip the driver?
Most of our customers tip our drivers 15% of the total bill, but how much you tip is entirely up to you for orders under $75. We will add a 15% tip for orders over $75.

What is Attended vs. Unattended Pickup/Delivery?

With attended service you chose a designated time when the driver will pick up or deliver your laundry. This option is usually for people who can’t leave their laundry in a designated place at their home (i.e. porch, hallway). Or for a customer that would prefer to personally hand their laundry to the driver.

With unattended service, you get to choose the day you would like for us to pick up or deliver. The drivers will arrive at an unspecified time block (Between 2-4 pm for example). For unattended service a customer tells us a specified location at the address where the laundry will be picked up or delivered.

Do you provide bulk or commercial laundry service?
We sure do! Email us and we will respond ASAP.

I need a laundry bag. How much do they cost?
Our durable nylon laundry bags cost $10 each and can be stuffed with 30 pounds of nice dirty laundry.

What days do you pick up and deliver?
We pick up and deliver Monday through Saturday.

What is the Wash, Dry, Fold price for non-garments?
Comforters and blankets cost $15.

My clothes are wet. Can you charge me for their dry weight?
We determine the size of the washer used by the weight of your laundry when it arrives at the facility. Thus if your clothes are wet, the added weight of the moisture in the clothes means we have to wash your clothed in a higher capacity washer. If you would like us to charge you for the dry clothes weight then be sure your clothes are dry when we pick them up.

What should I put my clothes in?
We strongly prefer receiving your clothes in trash bags or in reversible carry bags. If you do not have a trash or laundry bag you can purchase a heavy duty reversible nylon laundry bag for only $10. We kindly ask that you do not give us clothes in heavy hampers, luggage, or any other heavy containers as we weigh your clothes in these containers. Thus it’s in your best interest to put your laundry in bags that are as light as possible. (The nylon laundry bags are ideal.)

Do you have a minimum per order?
Yes. The minimum is $28.62 per order which is 18 pounds. Of course we still pick up orders less than 18 pounds, however, the price is $28.62.